USA Today ranked Wichita Falls High School graduation rate #1 in the United States, a big 97.4%.

But, Michael Kuhrt, WFISD Superintendent says in 2014-2015 the numbers actually exceeds that.

“I don’t think we are quite that, I think we are closer to 99% plus.” Kuhrt said. 

In fact, In 2014-2015 the rate was 99.2% and the class of 2016 had a graduation rate of 99.8%, these numbers, still ranking Wichita Falls number one in the country.

So how are schools achieving this? Christy Nash, the principal at Wichita Falls high school, says it’s a coordinated effort.

Nash says she and her staff are doing whatever it takes to ensure that all students successfully complete and graduate high school.

“It is very very important, that is our job, that’s our ultimate goal for our students to graduate,” Nash said. “Students resources are incredibly limited if they leave without a high school diploma so that is our job.”

“It’s not just something that the principal does,” Nash said. “We just try to customize for our students whatever service it is that they need to ensure that they have the opportunity to stay in high school.”

Some of these services include a credit recovery program, where students can make up for lost credits, additionally, there are pregnancy-related service and also coordinating with the district’s truancy department to tackle student attendance.

“We make home visits we contact parents we bring them up here because we don’t want to give up on our kids,” Nash said.

Nash confirms that because of these efforts, it is very seldom that their students do not complete high school.

Nash also says an important factor in keeping kids in school  is building a personal relationship with them and their parents

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