Wichita Falls ranks third best place to retire

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From dancing to games and much more, people can find a fun time downtown at the 50+ Zone inside the Wichita Falls Public Library.

That’s where Becky Rosales goes to have a grand old time.

“Now that I’m retired, every day I’m over here doing my exercises. I work out from eight-in-the-morning all the way to 11-in-the-morning. I’m almost 70!” Rosales said.

Bill and Sharon Wilson are also retired and have lived in Wichita Falls for five years and they said the city is a great place to settle down.

“A lot more restaurants that keep coming in, there’s just a lot of things to do here as seniors,” Sharon Wilson said. “I’m really impressed with the area to retire in.”

While many retirees think Wichita Falls is a great place to live, so do the numbers.

According to a recent study, Wichita Falls ranks third in the nation for best places to retire out of 217 other cities. Something Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce President Henry Florsheim said could never be a bad thing. 

“If someone’s interested in retiring somewhere around the region and we show up better on those three scales, so our “retireability” aspect is better,” Florsheim said. “There’s a better chance that we’re gonna be able to attract people to stay here.”

The study is based on three things, cost of living, quality of life, and employability. All very important things for retirees.

Wichita Falls scored highest in the cost of living category with a 99.

“The higher rank we are for early retirement, the more likely it is that we can attract more people to do that here,” Florsheim said. “That’ll grow our economy and that’s a good thing.”

City officials hope more and more people like Becky and The Wilsons will settle down and retire in Wichita Falls, and have a positive impact on the city’s continued growth. 

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