WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Every third Monday in February is recognized as Presidents Day.

Originally celebrating the birthdays of the first president of the United States, George Washington and the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, the holiday now honors all presidents.

So to recognize Presidents Day we wanted to know what folks really know about the presidents.

Q: “Who ran for president for the ‘Bull Moose’ party?”
A: “Bull Moose, never even heard of it.”
A: “I’m gonna say, Roosevelt.”

Q: “Is it Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln?”
A: “What was the second choice? Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln then Theodore,”

Q: What was President James Madison’s wife’s name?
A: “Jamie.”
A: “Dolley Madison, because I like Dolly Madison cakes.”

Clue: “Her name is the same as a famous female country artist”
A: “Dolly?”

Q: “What president was a peanut farmer?”
A: “Oh my gosh! Jimmy Carter,”
A: “James Carter, Jimmy Carter,”
A: “Carter, yep Jimmy Carter.”

Q: “Who do you believe was/is the greatest president of the United States?”
A: “Abraham Lincoln because he kinda helped paved the way for African Americans as much as he could at that time,” MSU Freshman Cameron Parker said.
A: “Ronald Reagan was at the top of my list but I think President Trump primarily because he is a businessman,” Wichita Falls resident Robert LaChance said. “He is starting to run this country like the country is supposed to be run, like a business.”

A: “Barack Obama of course because he was the first stepping stone for African Americans to even dream of becoming that high in government,” MSU Freshman Kaitlyn Jourdan said.

“John Kennedy even though he never lived and had the chance to govern this nation but he tried to bring our country together,” Wichita Falls resident Keen Kirkland said.

If you would like to quiz yourself or a friend, see all the questions below.

  1. Who ran for president for the “Bull Moose” Party?
  2. What was President James Madison’s wife’s name?
  3. What president started the Interstate Highway System?
  4. What copies of a famous document did President Lincoln autograph to raise funds
    for wounded Civil War soldiers?
  5. What presidents besides Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated in office?
  6. What president was a peanut farmer?
  7. What president made the famous statement “Tear down this wall!”?
  8. What president is related to the founder of Heinz foods?
  9. Who do you believe is the greatest president of the United States?

Please note there are multiple answers to some questions given.