WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — It’s a new season for the Wichita Falls Sports Complex.

“This is awesome, we’ve been trying to get this for a long time and finally to see this happening it’s, been ecstatic,” Athletics Coordinator for the City of Wichita Falls Travis Pence said.

After funding was approved by Wichita Falls City Councilors last fall, upgrades to fields one through four began soon after and in just the past few months the complex has undergone more than $3 million dollars in renovations.

“We have state-of-the-art fields, state-of-the-art lights, I mean we’re able to host any level of competition out here. So to have access out here for people in our community is great,” Pence said.

Not only are these fields going to be used for big tournaments for baseball and softball but even for soccer, flag football, and kickball.

“Instead of spending all their weekends down in Dallas, we have just as good quality even better than most of the fields in Dallas. Now they can come here and hopefully bring some of their teams up to our areas, stay in our hotels, eat at the restaurants, do all that and help improve the economic impact of our community,” Pence said.

This reopening comes at the perfect time. With spring sports season soon getting underway, he’s glad they finished just in time.

“It was a strenuous and detailed oriented process between dirt work and a lot of moving pieces here and there. And finally, bringing what they call carpet in and]laying it down and here we are today,” Pence said.

With the warmer months ahead, Pence is just proud to have a facility for everyone to use, and he’s glad it’s shining a little brighter these days.

If you’re interested in booking the fields for games or tournaments, you can contact Travis directly at (940)-761-7497/ or by sending an e-mail through the Parks and Recreation website by clicking here.