Wichita Valley Water Supply: Boil order lifted

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UPDATE: Alert from Wichita Valley Water Supply: Boil Order Lifted


The well-needed rain, though appreciated by many, caused headaches for others in the area.

The heavy rain on Friday caused a few wrecks, some streets to flood and a water main to break on Yucca Drive and FM 367. When the call came into Wichita Valley Water Supply about the broken water main, Gary Bernal was pretty sure he knew what had happened.

“The first thing I thought of was this creek,” Bernal said. “We have looked at it before in the past. Talked about boring it but we didn’t get around to it. When I pulled up here first thing, I got out and looked, I knew. I saw the casing lying in the creek.”

The water main’s foundation broke causing it to break. Residents in the area did not have water when that happened, for some, it was restored quickly, for others it was not.

“It’s a very big inconvenience when you can’t flush a toilet normally,” said Jim, who lives near the water main break. “Of course you got the whole family complaining about it and their whole family complaining about it and their whole family complaining about it.” 

In the meantime, Jim found a way to continue doing something in his house that does require water and made sure there was some in the house.

“We got a few bottles of water yeah,” Jim said. “I’m flushing a toilet with it. I’m just glad I got my ditch out here otherwise we are out of luck.”

While residents should have water back soon it could take some time to replace the water main.

“We are at the mercy of a bore crew,” Bernal said. “I am trying to get one to come out now to take a look at it and give us an estimate. It might be a week until the service is back regularly.”

Even if the water main is not replaced for some time the temporary repairs will allow residents to have running water. A boil notice is in effect for customers of Wichita Valley Water Supply until further notice.

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