Wichitans have a mixed reaction for the bond election

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Many in Wichita Falls are still talking about what they expect to see once the polls close in the bond election Saturday. Some say the intentions behind the bond election are good; but what some are questioning is if the timing is right and how this could have a negative impact on other parts of town. 

“Yeah. I’m very excited tomorrow because I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Shannon Heacock, owner of Scratch Kitchen in Downtown Wichita Falls said she’s happy to see how downtown has grown since setting up shop. She hopes that development will continue on, if in fact voters say ‘yes’ to the bond propositions.

“I think it means not only will we see more change and growth in Wichita Falls, but that other people will perceive us differently. That they will perceive us as people for change and development, whereas before, we haven’t been seen that way,” stated Heacock.

“Downtown has grown and done tremendous things even in the 12 years I’ve been here,” said Justin Bunch with the Old Town Saloon.
Bunch pointed out that even though it’s an exciting time for downtown, he said is seeing less people come through the door at his location on the west side of town.

“And not to mention the tax increase costs us more money to pay for this. And we’re losing business paying for this to happen also, it’s kind of a double negative for us.”

Bunch is also a retired firefighter and acknowledges he fully supports those working in public safety; but he questions if the need for things like a new municipal center are needed, or at least right now.

“Is it worth it right now to take these drastic measures and close businesses down there, affect businesses negatively on the opposite side of town, other than downtown and then ask them to pay for it as well?”, Bunch asked.
People like retired school teacher Kari Skelton voted early. She said a better city comes with a price tag and there’s never a good time to raise taxes. However, Skelton added it’s not necessarily about her. 

“You need to get out and vote and it could cost you something. But I think it’s worth it.
I think you also do it for the generation that’s coming after you,” Skelton said.

Wichita Falls residents will continue to weigh the pros and cons of the bond with election day now hours away.

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