Family and friends of a man shot and killed five years ago said another gun- related incident involving the shooter is further proof that man’s a danger to society.

The latest incident happened Sunday afternoon and also involved thirty-eight year old Clint Thompson.
According to police, Thompson became upset because the driver of another truck was allegedly tailgating him.

The alleged victim said Thompson slowed down so he was beside him, and began “flipping him off” and using profanity as they were driving north on FM 1954.

He said then, once they got to the intersection of Sisk Road and Southwest Parkway, he let Thompson get back in-front of him.

That’s when he said Thompson slammed on his brakes and caused him to have to stop.

According to the man, Thompson got out of his truck, came up to the man’s driver’s side door,  and pointed a handgun at him.

On July 26, 2012, Rocky Buckley was shot and killed by Thompson, who claimed self defense, in Thompson’s driveway as Buckley’s daughter sat waiting in their vehicle.

Buckley’s widow said he’d gone to Thompson’s house to pick up a cooler after they’d gone hog hunting a few nights before.

She said that’s when Thompson shot Buckley twice in the driveway.

Thompson claimed he feared for his safety, and a grand jury chose not to indict him.

Now, Buckley’s widow said those who knew and loved him are hoping authorities will recognize there’s a pattern with Thompson, and they hope he’ll be held accountable.

“That is so many peoples prayers,” said Crystal Buckley-Moer, “that we probably will not see justice for Rocky in our lifetime, but we might be able to see Clint have some consequences for his actions with this new trial coming up if he’s indicted, which we’re pretty certain he will be this time.  So, we’re hoping that we just see some kind of justice even if it’s not for Rocky.”

Records showed Thompson was convicted in 2007 for possession of an illegal weapon and received 2 days in jail.

Police said he was also arrested in 2007 for assault, but was not convicted.

After Sunday’s incident, he was charged with aggravated assault bonded out of the Wichita County Jail.

Bond was set at $15,000.