Wild Bird Rescue puts new building on hold after storms

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From owls to blue jays, hawks and so many more, Wild Bird Rescue devotes their time to make sure every baby bird or injured bird can take back to the sky, but they soon will have a new addition to the property.

“When we get the new building open, people will be able to view the educational birds, which will be kind of like a mini zoo on the banks of Lake Wichita,” Katherine Smith, who is on the board of directors for the non-profit, said.

The building was supposed to open Thursday but last week’s high winds caused them to push back the opening date

“We still needed to do some finishing touches, but instead we’ve had to stop all that kind of work to work on some repairs to the old building,” Smith said. “We lost some shingles off the old building had some fence damage and some other minor damage.”

Several birds were also injured during the storms, and that has employees busy nursing them back to health.

The non-profit is also dealing with some new guests.

“[The winds] blew a lot of birds out of their nest, displaced them from their homes. A lot of people were bringing them in, little tiny babies that were just hatched didn’t have no feathers,” Director of Rehabilitation Ginger McConnell said. “We took in about 150 birds in one day.”

Now, the rescue is looking for more volunteers so they can continue taking care of hundreds of the little chirpers.

“[We’re] trying to get some more volunteers out to help work on the grounds, and we also need some money to help feed all the babies and the injured birds,” Smith said.
McConnell hopes to inspire others to lend a hand so that the rescue can thrive in its new facility and beyond.

To see what the rescue is in need of click here.

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