Windthorst students make bet with principal for fundraiser

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Windthorst High School students and faculty members gave back to Patsy’s House in a big way Friday.

Windthorst Principal Roy Longcrier took his last dreaded steps before taking a big plunge into a tank behind their school.

“The water is 43.5 degrees, we measured it this morning, I thought it would be warmer frankly but it’s a little late,” Loncrier said.

But why would he do something so wild?

“We wanted to come up with something creative for a fundraiser and we asked Mr. Longcrier if he’d be willing to ride a bike into the tank for us to fundraise money from our school,” said Senior at Windthorst Highs school, Mollee Kirk.

The bet was, if the entire school could raise 350 dollars then their principal would have to jump into the tank, if they raised $425 then he would have to jump while wearing a shark suit, and last but not least, if they raised $500 then he would have to ride a bike into the tank while wearing a shark suit.

Longcrier said the Windthorst community did not disappoint.

“The community comes together to donate to something in the area. The kids are willing to give some money, the parents, the teachers, all for a little bit of fun and sport and its a pretty special place to be from,” Longcrier said.

The money raised will go towards supplies needed for Patsy’s House, an organization that has helped abused and neglected kids for over 20 years. Executive Director Denise Roberts said this speaks volumes about the students in the Windthorst community.

“It’s amazing to see students, these days a lot of times you only hear about the bad things that they do and so it is so great to see a group of students, an entire school that has come together for a common goal to help other children and I don’t think there’s anything better than children helping children,” Roberts said.

Loncrier said he hopes this sets a trend, causing more and more students to take the plunge into community service.

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