WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Between a new facility and pay raises across the board, the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office is hoping to appeal to more potential employees ahead of Wednesday, November 17 job fair.

Which has been a long time coming, the all clear on the law enforcement center.

“It’s going into a brand new facility its a day and night ballgame,” Sheriff David Duke said.

As they’re not fully moved in just yet, Duke has his eyes on filling that new facility with more Wichita County Sheriff’s employees.

“Since I’ve been sheriff, I think, we’ve maybe had a total of 3 weeks time where we were fully staff, 3 weeks in 13 years,” Duke said. “We were losing staff, as many as 4-5 a week, and we got to a point where we’re 30-plus down and you’re seeing deputy sheriffs who you see in the street, having to shifts work in the jail. That’s like taking a fish out of water and putting him back inside of a small cage.”

They’re hoping job fairs will not only show off the new pay and added benefits, but also that brand new building.

“It’s a day and night facility, so much modernization, you couldn’t even see modernization in the old jail cause it was so old,” Duke said.

Inside the building, the sheriff’s office is committing to a safer, more reliable medical, dental and mental health services for all inmates and detainees.

They’ll do that by hiring a consultant firm that will take proposals from medical providers and after selecting one, the work won’t stop there.

“Part of that agreement is to actually do a follow-up about six months, for the new provider or current provider if selected, and evaluate and see if they’re doing what they said they’d do,” Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom said.

Something that many may overlook, Sheriff Duke is committed to ensuring anyone in Wichita County custody is taken care of.

“People always used to tell me, ‘lock them up and throw them in jail!’ and I say well, then what?” Duke said. “We’re paramount in Texas to take care of our inmates, their health and mental health while they’re in our custody, we have to, it’s not an option it’s a must do.”

A must, that may be a little easier with a new facility and a full roster of employees.

And we actually won’t know exactly when all inmates will officially be moved over to the new LEC building now all approved, for safety reasons of course!