Woman barred from another agency after taking off clothes and being tased three times

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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Police say a woman, who is barred from First Step, refused to leave the shelter, took all her clothes off in the street, began screaming and throwing her possessions, and is then tased three times before officers can take her into custody for trespassing.

Letura Sanders is charged with resisting arrest and criminal trespass.

Wichita County jail booking

Police say Sanders was told to leave when she came in and left, but returned a short time later, and took her clothes off, and began walking in the middle of the street and screaming.

Officers attempted to put her in handcuffs, and after a struggle, got one of her wrists cuffed, but she kept pulling away so officers finally took her to the ground, but she then rolled on her back and jerked her arms away.

At this point, an officer pulled his taser out and tased her once, but said she kept rolling over so another officer put a taser on her back and tased her again.

They tried again to get her other arm but say she tucked it under her stomach, and other officers tased her again. At this point, they were able to get her other arm in cuffs.

In February, Sanders was arrested after the Helen Farabee center or broad said she causing a disturbance.

Officers told her she was barred and said she acknowledged them and walked away but never left the property and an officer said he warned her again to leave but she did not move and was arrested.

Before that, she was reported making a disturbance at Market Street, and again, told an officer she understood she was barred but refused to leave.

That same year, she was charged with assault of a corrections officer after she broke a light inside a solitary cell and the officer told her she would have to come out.

He said she then sat down on the toilet, wrapped her head in a cloth, and then took the mattress and held it against the door.

As other officers stood ready, an officer opened the cell door and said Sanders rushed out and scratched an officer in the face, neck, forehead, temple, ear, and throat.

Other charges that have been filed on sanders in the past include five counts of failing to attend school, disruption of a classroom, disorderly conduct, robbery, theft, and assault of a public servant.

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