WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— A 32-year-old Wichita Falls woman is arrested after police said she told them the more than $8,000 in cash that was in her car along with pills and baggies, was money from her work doing eyelashes, eyebrows, and nails.

Lacey Dawn Lander is jailed on a $100,000 bond for money laundering.

Police stopped her Mercury Grand Marquis at Windthorst Road and East Scott.

They say the tag came back to a Mercedes.

The same car has been stopped in several previous arrests of Lander.

A search of the car turned up $8,442 in cash, which police said Lander said came from her work doing nails and eyes.

Police checked employment records and found no record of employment n texas, and that she had collected unemployment in Oklahoma.

They said no cosmetology license is on file for Lander in Texas.

Officers said they also found a black suitcase in the car with a large number of plastic baggies and traces of meth, two digital scales, and a baggie with numerous pills inside.

Police later examined a cell phone found on the floorboard under the driver’s seat and said it contained contacts with numerous people involved in narcotics and sales and trafficking of meth in the area.

They said they also found five receipts that indicated orders for narcotics deliveries in Wichita Falls.

An officer said a trip by Lander to Oklahoma City in early February was followed by dealings with known narcotics dealers and users in this area.

Lander was arrested the day after that trip and charged with the manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance.

In 2018, police said they stopped her grand marquis because a toddler was not restrained and that she became angry and yelled at the officers.