A Wichita Falls woman with forgery convictions in four area counties gets a new conviction in connection with passing bills marked on front and back with “for motion picture use only.”   

Shana Nicole Marsh, also known as Shana Deatherage, also known as Angela Denice Hatfield, was sentenced to four years in prison for forgery of government currency and drug possession and 180 days in jail for forgery.

In Dec. 2017, police said Marsh paid for gas at a 7-Eleven store with a fake stage bill marked “for motion picture use only.”

Police said besides the printed notice, the bill had no security threads or watermark and had a waxy appearance.

Earlier in 2017, similar fake $50 and $100 bills were passed in other businesses and one other arrest was made.

Police believe someone had been selling the fake bills to others who tried to pass them.

Officers said Marsh told them she got a $100 bill from an ATM, but when officers pointed out most ATMs do not dispense $100 bills they said Marsh began changing her story.

Police said the drug charge came when she was searched at the jail and a yellow plastic baggie was found concealed in her private area and the powder in it tested positive for methamphetamine.