WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls woman is jailed on $150,000 bond after a 10-year-old boy said she hit him more than a dozen times with a garden rake.

Police say while being booked into jail on that charge she bit and clamped her teeth down on a correctional officer’s arm. Elizabeth Havlin, 49, is charged with injury to a child with intentional bodily injury and assault of a peace officer.

An officer said he found Havlin outside yelling and a 10-year-old boy without a shirt on with multiple injuries to his back, shoulder, arm, and chest. When asked where he got them he pointed to a rake leaning against a fence and said that Havlin had hit him with it more than 15 times the night before.

He also said his head hurt “really bad,” and the officer said he could feel several knots on top of the victim’s head. The boy told the officer Havlin had also slapped him multiple times around his body.

A witness told police he had heard the assault the previous night and heard the boy begging Havlin to stop hitting him. Another witness who lives in the area told police he saw the boy and Havlin outside before police arrived and Havlin was holding the rake in a threatening manner. While officers were investigating, they said Havlin was making comments about hitting people with the rake, including the officers.

The victim was taken to the emergency room to have his injuries evaluated, and Havlin was arrested for injury to a child.

While the arresting officer was booking Havlin into jail, he said Havlin was being medically evaluated and tried to get up and walk out multiple times. He said he grabbed her shoulders and when he did, she bit him in the forearm and would not let go until he pushed her back into the chair. Officers then stopped the booking process and placed her into a holding cell and said she tried to bite a correctional officer but was restrained.