WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls woman with 4 previous arrests for assault is now charged with running over her boyfriend with her car.

Breanna Wesley, 29, was arrested Tuesday after police said she left the scene at Harding and Cottonwood after the victim ran and jumped a fence and had a witness call for help.

Police said she was stopped in a blue Hyundai at Harding and Bebe. An officer said he smelled marijuana in her car and a small amount of meth was found in the console. Police said she admitted arguing with her boyfriend and hitting him with her car, but said she only “tapped” him, and he must have fallen.

However, police said the victim had black tire marks on his back and shoulder blade running down to his ribs, indicating he was run over. The man told officers Wesley had run over him, and he was afraid she was going to run over him again, so he got up and climbed a fence and asked a witness for help.

Wesley’s last conviction for assault was in 2021 when authorities say she slugged her boyfriend when he tried to leave. She has a total of 13 arrests.