WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A woman on Texoma’s Most Wanted list for the week of October 7th is now in jail for an alleged assault of a police officer.

Debra Judkins was booked into jail Thursday, October 12. She was placed on the Most Wanted list for an alleged assault on Oct. 3.

Police responded to the Red Roof Inn, where a car had crashed into the building and gone through the lobby.

When officers arrived, they said paramedics were trying to treat Judkins, but she was cursing at them and trying to hit them.

When an officer tried to stop her, they said she punched him in his eye. He then grabbed both her arms, and they said she began trying to bite him on the arm multiple times.

She was finally restrained in handcuffs, placed in a stretcher, given a sedative and taken to the hospital.

Judkins has 90 arrests since 1987, including more than 40 charges of prostitution.

Last February, she was arrested for mail theft when a neighbor said she took her package containing a flat screen TV. She said she confronted Judkins, and Judkins denied taking it, then admitted taking it and selling it when the neighbor said she had video of her running away with it.

Police said she told them she took it to keep it from being stolen, then admitted taking it and selling it because her hours had been cut and she needed money.