WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A woman police said punched and ran over her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend in a restaurant parking lot pleads guilty for a suspended sentence.

Brittany south’s plea deal was for 10 years probation of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She is also to pay $4,666 restitution and write a “sincere” letter of apology to the victim, and undergo a mental evaluation.

Separate cases of interfering with police investigating a dead body and resisting arrest were dismissed.

Another case of aggravated assault involving a stabbing at a fast food restaurant where she was manager and her husband was employed is pending.

In May 2022 police went to Cici’s Pizza on Southwest Parkway. The victim told police she was in the restaurant when she saw and recognized South crouched down by her car and suspected she was vandalizing it. She went outside and said South knocked her to the ground, pulled her hair, tried to gouge her eyes, and punched her in the face.The victim said after other people pulled South off of her, South got into her car and ran into her with it, throwing her onto the hood.

Pending cases of interfering with an officer and resisting arrest last October are dismissed. Police said they were investigating a deceased person report, South’s mother, in the 1900 block of Fillmore and South ignored orders to leave and then resisted when they tried to remove her. They said a man who also lived in the apartment began fighting with officers.

Also listed but not yet filed in the plea deal for the Cici’s assault is apparent dismissal of another aggravated assault at the Sonic at 3200 Kemp in April. Police were called about a possible stabbing and a man breaking out windows of a car. The man said he had been in the bathroom and South pried open the door with a knife and stabbed him in the leg with it. When police questioned South, she said she was the manager of the Sonic, and her husband was an employee. She said she had found out that he was locked in the bathroom possibly using drugs. South said she took a knife to unlock the door, and when she got it open, she saw the man holding a glass pipe. She said she tried to take the pipe, and the man pushed past her and put the pipe in his pocket.

According to witnesses, the man left the scene but he returned and began using a metal pipe to break the windows of a black Nissan that South was sitting in. Assault charges filed against the man were later dismissed.