WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — As the state slowly reopens, Base camp Lindsey volunteers continue to work on their building that will soon house homeless veterans.

The work continues on at 6th street as volunteers work through the coronavirus pandemic. But as they take social distancing measures, the number of volunteers has to be limited.

“COVID-19 has affected us in a lot of ways,” North Texas Veteran Relief Fund chairperson Steve Halloway said. “We’ve had some fundraisers and awareness events that we’ve had to cancel. That’s our lifeline to get the money together to begin work on this facility.”

Even though these events have been canceled, there is plenty to do in the building Base Camp Lindsey is fixing up for homeless veterans. But leaders have noticed that keeping people safe during a pandemic means fewer volunteers.

“It slows us down just a little bit just because we can’t bring as many people in. We chose not to bring as many people in out of good safety practices,” Halloway said.

And even with the setbacks, the grand opening for the building on 6th street remains the same.

“Our goal is still to try and have these doors open Veterans Day this year,” Halloway said. “It’s a very ambitious and aggressive goal but we have some ideas that we’re going to present to a group of local contractors here and see how it sits with them.”

While it may be tough to get funding and volunteers during this time, Base Camp Lindsey never forgets their reason why.

“The sooner we are up and running the sooner they are not on the streets,” Halloway said. “They don’t belong on the streets. They have served our country honorably. They’ve seen and done things that most of us have never seen and done. And it changed them. That’s part of the reason why they’re on the street. They’re trying to cope with what they see and hear in their head cause nobody understands but them.”

Base Camp Lindsey is still taking volunteers.