WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — What started back in the 50s as a way to provide education to children with cognitive disabilities, has grown over the years to help some of those same children once they’re older, and are looking for employment.

Work Services Corporation has been providing jobs and services, for eight thousand people with disabilities since 1971, and continues to add to that number in several ways, including job fairs. As of now, there are roughly 840 employees who are providing several different services, including many at Sheppard Air Force Base, but VP of Human Resources, Rob Propp said they hope to have 2030 employees by the year 2030.

I bet you didn’t know that Wichita Falls was home to one of the largest paper clip manufacturers in the nation, predominantly operated by employees with disabilities. For some, this work is way more than just a job.

“We believe that equality amongst everybody is imperative, and it’s something that they need to have, and they need to have that ability to be treated equally in employment and in life,” Propp said.

And with several different positions available, many on base, Propp said working for WSC can often change some of these employees’ outlook on life, just by simply being involved.

“Most of what we hear from a lot of our team members is they just get excited, they feel like they’re a part of the military serving our servicemen also it gives them a sense of community, they view coming to work as being with friends and family it’s more about that community than it is really a paycheck,” Propp said.

While not only offering opportunity, but a purpose as well.

“We had a member that one time quoted us and says, I can’t wait to go home to tell my parents that I learned how to mop the floor today because they’ve been told they couldn’t for so long, and now they not only can, but they are doing it,” Propp said.

Showing that even the smallest job can mean the world to someone looking to just be involved with society.

The job fair wrapped up at 2 but Propp said there are still several ways you can apply for the many jobs they have available through Work Services Corporation, for more information on how to apply, click here.