WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Wichita County District Attorney’s office will have a hearing for the suspect in the murder of Yajaira Garcia to be held without bond on August 28.

On August 23, 21-year-old Joshua Cook was detained by Wichita County Sheriff’s Office after removing his ankle monitor and leaving his home: violating the terms of his bond.

Garcia’s family said they felt anger and despair when they learned Cook was on the run. But they are grateful for the work of WCSO and the DA’s office and are glad that Cook is behind bars.

“They were angry. And despair. But feelings of fear, none,” Garcia’s mother Mayela Garcia said as she was translated by Gonzalo Robles.

Garcia’s family got the call from authorities around 1:15 p.m. in the afternoon.

Yajaira’s accused murderer Joshua Cook had been out on bond since November 2019. But on August 23, Cook violated his bond by removing his ankle monitor, destroying his phones and leaving his home.

“They have feelings of despair and anger. Because they were feeling despair because ‘why would this happen right?’ And the other thing feelings of anger because they were like ‘what is gonna happen? Is he gonna get away? How can we go and find him?'”

WCSO then announced a manhunt for Cook. Just a little under an hour after the announcement, Sheriff deputies found Cook at his girlfriend’s apartment.

“A feeling of relief came to them once they find out that he was detained and they were very grateful to the sheriff’s department and district attorney Gillespie for all the hard work that they did in those few hours and they were able to find him quickly.”

Cook’s trial date was originally set for February 3 of this year but COVID-19 made the DA’s office push the trial date back to August 3.

The trial date is currently set for January 19 of next year. Whether Cook is held without bond or not, Garcia’s family said they will continue fighting for justice for Yajaira.

“They will always be at the forefront. It’s gonna be hard, extremely hard. But they will never never be able not to support Yajaira in that way. So they are gonna be always at the end. And they also know now that they have the full support of the community,”

With a new trial date and Cook back behind bars, the Garcia family takes another step on their quest to get justice for Yajaira.

The Garcia’s also wanted to thank the community for their continued support as they go through this time.

Cook wrote a letter to Judge McKnight in July of 2019, asking him to lower his bond so he could be released.