Young Co. officials clarify COVID-19 test numbers following confusion

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YOUNG COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — County officials are clearing up the confusion many seem to be having regarding positive COVID-19 numbers in Young County.

Young County Health Director Dr. Pat Martin said people could be getting the actual positive COVID-19 test results mixed up with the positive antibody test.

The difference is, with antibody testing, the person had the virus but no longer does.

Martin said they have been seeing an increase in the past couple weeks of coronavirus cases, many of which came from one office building.

“We had had four positive cases in Young County up until about two weeks ago we’ve had 12 additional cases since the so we are up to 16,” Martin said.

Martin said in addition to doing swab tests, the county has been doing antibody testing for residents who are curious about having had the virus in the past.

“Antibody test can tell you that you might have had it already,” Martin said. “Antibody tests are a good thing to have done if maybe you were sick back in February or March and you didn’t get tested.”

Martin said that should clear the confusion.

As of Wednesday, nine residents tested positive in the antibody tests—this does not mean they are now a carrier of the virus, just that they have had it.

In addition to this confusion, Martin said quite similarly to Wichita County, people in the nursing homes were tested by the state but those numbers were inaccurate.

“We got a report that we had a lot of positives at our nursing homes and of course that scared everybody tremendously but that turned out to be false positives, the lab that did those tests has since been shut down,” Martin said.

Young County Judge John Bullock, who said county officials were a little disappointed by the rise in cases, urges residents to remain cautious because while the economy is reopening, the virus is still at large.

“Be careful and be vigilant and follow those guidelines as far as the social distancing and the gathering together numbers of people,” Bullock said.

Martin and Bullock said they believe this is only the beginning and numbers could keep growing.

Martin said they are testing 20 more more residents each day.

Martin posts updates daily on his Facebook page to keep residents in the loop, details are on our website.

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