WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Down the street from the downtown Farmers Market, dozens flooded the streets to take part in the city’s second Taco Fest.

The Zavala Hispanic Cultural Initiative hosted the fest at Bud Daniels Park.

“Last year, we only had three weeks to put the event together; this year, Zavala was well-organized, we found a great committee from the community to help us,” event organizer Keyla Ahow said. “I think it’s absolutely mindblowing how much support we have from the community of Wichita Falls.”

The festival was created last year in response to a negative comment made to Mayor Stephen Santellana about the Hispanic community.

The festival saw food trucks, vendors and community members come together for a good time and, of course, good tacos.

“Anything that we can do that’s community-wide, people are invited to come out here, and if you look behind me, it’s a big slice of Wichita Falls,” Santellana said. “For Zavala, it means everything. This is dollars that they’re raising to give for scholarship so young kids can go to college. You can’t beat that when you have a community event that raises money.”

All funds from the event will go toward Zavala Hispanic Cultural Initiative scholarship programs for future leaders in Wichita Falls.