WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – The House of Representatives has a lot of ground to cover after the Speaker of the House stalemate.

Baylor University’s Political Science Professor, Patrick Flavin weighed in on the unprecedented circumstances, “Mike Johnson’s political style is one of civility. I think he tends to be and there’s, you know, major political differences between himself and Democrats.”

Johnson will face the same republican tensions that caused Kevin McCarthy ouster in early October. McLennan County Republican Party Vice Chairman Christopher DeCluitt understands how the situation looks in Washington D.C., “It’s maddening from just a local perspective because we all see what’s going on, whether it’s, again, Israel, Ukraine or just the upcoming financial crisis we’re going to face with if if the government shuts down.”

It is expected Speaker Johnson will fast track a bill to avoid a government shutdown, currently slated for November 17th. In addition to potential aid packages for Israel and Ukraine.

“Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, having a speaker of the House that is there and they enable to govern is a good thing,” says Flavin.