WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — It has been a nightmare for holiday travel this year, with thousands of flights canceled and people stranded at airports across the nation. Operations have been especially hectic for travelers flying Southwest.

The airline has canceled more than 2700 flights in the past three days.

“It hit my own husband. He was one of the ones affected by his flight just randomly being canceled,”Chelsea Hadden said.

Hadden said after a relaxing Christmas with her family, it was time for her husband to get back to work in Louisiana, but his plane ticket became pretty much useless.

“Thank goodness he was going somewhere he was able to drive. It was a nine-hour drive but thank goodness he had that option a lot of people didn’t, a lot of people are in those airports”.

That’s the reality for travelers this holiday season. After a winter storm put a damper on holiday travel right before Christmas and now the cancellations seem to only be getting worse, leaving travelers frantic.

“The chaos at this time of year because it’s the biggest time to travel so you’ve got a lot of circumstances that surround whether you can be delayed or canceled,” Wichita Falls Regional Airport Administrator Jon Waltjen said.

Jon Waltjen is the airport administrator for Wichita Falls Regional. He said while things are quiet around here, he knows larger airports are dealing with unhappy people who want answers as to what’s going on

“Say like if you’re waiting on a red light you know everybody’s got to come in behind each other and then they got to wait on gates and if they don’t have gates they’re not gonna bring them in,” he said.

Hadden, a travel agent herself at her business Tip Top Travel Services, says many factors have made up this disaster,

“Workers are unhappy so they are striking and then we have the weather that happened on top of all that and it’s just like one thing after another and it just kind of crashed everything.”

She said to always get trip insurance and if you’re stuck at the airport to contact your nearest travel agent because they’ll be able to get customer service representatives on the phone. She also added while this is a stressful time, kindness goes a long way.

“Understand that the little girl behind the desk that is talking to you you’re probably the thousandth person she’s talked to today and it’s not her fault it’s out of her hands.”

The U.S. Department of Transportation said it will begin looking into flight cancellations by Southwest Airlines.