WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) No, you’re not in Africa, in fact, the animals you’re seeing are right here in Texoma at The Mesquite Tree Hill Ranch and Zoo run by Tracy Hyden.

“So I had a goat milk soap and lotion business for several years, I was down at the Farmers Market and I had an overwhelming amount of customers that wanted to come out and just see what life on the farm was like,” Hyden said.

Fast forward to today and Hyden has a lot more than just goats. The MTH Ranch and Zoo is the home to a porcupine, zonkey, a couple of kangaroos, and so many more adorable animals.

Most of these animals will be used for educational purposes but what Hyden is doing out here at Mesquite Tree Hill Ranch and Zoo goes way beyond that.

“Some of our animals this one, in particular, came from a breeder some of them came from sales and the only way I can rationalize it is to say that they’ve been upgraded. Zeke here is a good example, he was supposed to be a part of a traveling roadside zoo.” Hyden said.

What one can see as work, taking care of all of these animals, Hyden sees as a dream come true.

“My mom can tell you that because I’m originally from St. Louis, but I told her when I grow up I wanted to be the ticket taker at the St. Louis zoo. That was my dream job and here I am kind of owning one now.”

A dream that Hyden plans on sharing with anyone that has the time to stop for their own little safari adventure. The Mesquite Tree Hill Ranch and Zoo will have a grand opening July 4. Reservations can be made on the Facebook page. A reservation is required for entrance to The Mesquite Tree Hill Ranch and Zoo.

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