Belton, TX (FOX 44)- As temperatures are increasing, lake levels in our area are going in the opposite direction. Docks and boats normally float in the water, but they have the potential to run aground when lake levels are very low.

Belton residents have expressed concern over the conditions at ‘Franks Marina at Lake Belton. The once floating docks now sit on a bed of rocks and shallow water, and the Army Corps of Engineers says they aren’t responsible for upkeep.

“All of the marinas around the lake are leased areas. So for a day to day basis, a management is left to the marinas. It’s just that some of the activities will require approval from the corps.”

Even if they were, the underlying reason behind the conditions at this marina is that Lake Belton is now far below its normal level.

“Currently our lake elevation is at 577 feet, which is about 16 feet below normal elevations. Normally we are at 594,” says park ranger Justin Hoover.

According to Fox 44’s Meteorologists, in the last month we’ve seen 30 days straight of temperatures at or above 100 degrees. In that same time frame, the lake levels at Lake Belton have decreased approximately two feet. So, park rangers are urging a familiar message–

“Be careful when you’re in the water. We have obstacles that are emerging daily and some of these obstacles may be hidden beneath the surface,” says Hoover.

He reminds us to wear your life jacket even if you’re a strong swimmer.

“As well as keeping away from boat ramps or buoys that have marked restricted access signs,” Hoover says.