WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/ KJTL) — As we close out 2022 state leaders have their eyes set on the upcoming year, in particular the next Legislative Session, which begins January 10th.

“I’ve been in the legislature now for 16 years going on my 17th year, I’ve been there when we were short money, when we had money, I’ve never been there when we’ve had this much money,” Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said he’s confident that when the 88th Legislative Session rolls around in January, the state of Texas can expect some big things thanks to a big budget surplus this year.

“We have an unprecedented surplus of $27 billion dollars or more. The controller will tell us of the exact dollar in January. He has to make a report to the Legislature, which enables us to do a lot of one-time projects,” Patrick said.

Patrick, who presides over the senate and has great power over legislation, said he knew what the main priorities needed to be during his tour of rural Texas this past year.
He saw the need to address property taxes and increase homestead exemptions for homeowners, and of course, securing our border. He also has plans to help law enforcement agencies across Texas.

“We’re laying out a plan to add mental health care hospitals across Texas. We don’t have any in the Panhandle. In fact, in the Panhandle, very often, they have to drive as far as Wichita Falls.”

He adds while these are big priorities, there’s one more that many folks are probably still concerned about.

“With all of that said, property taxes, the border, mental healthcare hospitals, supporting rural counties for law enforcement, the number one issue for me is the power grid,”
Patrick said.

Patrick said the goal there will be creating more dispatchable power and building more natural gas plants. He also notes that it’ll be important to save some of these funds, as well, because you never know what the future may hold.

“You don’t go spend it all on everything, you prioritize, what can we do to help our family? What can we save for a future day, and the same for Texas. what can we do to help the families of Texas, and what can we do to be sure we have money long-lasting”.

Long-lasting money, to build a better future for the state. The 88th Legislative Session will begin on January 10th, 2023. and goes through May 29th, 2023.