Man arrested after trying to sell stolen motorcycle


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man who’s been involved in past police chases, escapes, and various parole violations is back in jail after police say his claim he wasn’t trying to sell a stolen motorcycle is shot down by gas station surveillance video.

Jonathan Slagle has logged his 16th arrest since 2005. This one for allegedly stealing a motorcycle and trying to sell it at a gas station on in the 6600 block of Seymour Highway.

Wichita County jail mug

Police responded to the location on Tuesday around 3 p.m. after being notified the owner of a stolen white Kawasaki motorcycle was on his way to the business to recover it from a man trying to sell it.

The first officer to arrive says he saw the bike parked next to a red Jeep and Slagle was standing by the passenger side door.

Officers say Slagle agreed to answer questions and claimed he had not driven the motorcycle and was only standing by it and touching it because he liked how “cool” it was.

Police found a witness who saw Slagle riding the bike into the parking lot, and also viewed surveillance video showing him riding into the parking lot.

Officers say Slagle then admitted to driving the motorcycle to the business to try and sell it.
Slagle has had 18 cases filed, including 8 felonies, in Wichita County courts, including nine thefts, arson, burglary, an injury to a child, and abetting an escape from jail.

In 2011, he was sentenced for his involvement in helping three men escape from the Wichita County jail annex.

Authorities say he and his wife conspired to help three of four escapees and they were caught at Slagle’s home where his wife cooked them breakfast.

In one evading on foot case, police and a K-9 pursued him through streets and alleys and a taser was fired at him with no effect and he was finally tackled and put into custody after a struggle.

In another chase and crash on Kemp police say they found him by following a blood trail to a house on Cunningham, and then say a strong body odor led them to Slagle hiding on the roof.

In yet another chase, officers say he drove a stolen truck into a stock pond and Archer County deputies say he burned a car found at Lake Kickapoo.

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