One Wichita Falls resident may think new meters for the city is a smart step, considering the installation process was probably responsible for his rescue from a fire last week.

A field manager for RTS Water Solutions was in the neighborhood and spotted smoke coming from a house, and went to check if anyone was inside.

On Thursday morning, Jose Alvarez and his crew from RTS Water Solutions were hard at work putting in new water meters near Lawrence and Kell.

Alvarez said he was on his way to get parts for them when he saw smoke pouring from a home at the corner of Sherman and Lafayette.

“I knocked on the door, noticed that it was cracked,” said Alvarez. “I was yelling banging on the door, nobody answered.”

He said that’s when he entered the burning home and heard a voice.

“He was in a deep sleep,” Alvarez said. “I think if I wouldn’t have passed by, I think he would have died.”

Because he said in just minutes after getting the man out of the home, he says the whole neighborhood was covered with smoke.

“The windows just started cracking on that side, it was really bad,” said Alvarez. “It was a lot of smoke, the whole street was just full of smoke.”

Alvarez said his company is a subcontractor for the company the city hired to install meters and he said whatever community they are in, they try to do the right thing.

“If we see something wrong, we’re going to act. And if we see something out of the ordinary, we will call 911.”

Although the resident doesn’t know it was Alvarez that saved him, his family told us last Thursday they are grateful to the man who came pounding on the door.

Fire investigators have not released cause of that blaze yet. The man’s wife was at work at the time and there were no injuries reported, but the family’s two small dogs did die in that fire despite efforts by firefighters to save them.