WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Alumni, students and everyone in between came to the latest school board meeting with one intention in mind, voice their opinion on whether or not old mascot names, like the Coyotes, Huskies and Leopards, should be saved and used at the new Memorial and Legacy high schools.

“Not all traditions need to be wiped off the face of the earth in order to form a more perfect community. I think some traditions are good,” Old High Alumni Dee King said.

“New schools new mascots and new colors that is what is fair for all. Give the kids in Wichita Falls the opportunity to establish their own story,” Jeanette Perry said.

Two very different standpoints but supporters of saving the mascots say it’s an action that would financially be a good decision for the district.

“The two new high schools can use existing uniforms for all sports, bands and choir which will save a considerable amount,” Luellen Hood said.

But residents who oppose say saving them completely defeats the purpose of having these two new high schools.

“There’s no way to turn four historically significant names of Wichita Falls high schools into two and make everyone happy,” Jessica Edwards said.

“If these people were so against two new buildings for our students, shouldn’t they have turned out and rose to vote against the bond then and not here two years later?” Katie Beth said.

Alumni of these schools say they are a staple in our community and the rich history is something they say is worth fighting for.

“You won’t have done great things. You will have ruined our city by ruining history and tradition,” Christy Monteago said.

But many say it’s time to let the students of today create new legacies within the walls of Memorial and Legacy High School.

“So, therefore, there is no reusing of a name. It’s all new and these kids get a chance and opportunity to do exactly what needs to be done and integrate and build an inclusive environment that is conductive for everyone to learn,” WFISD teacher Tyral Colbert said.

Working to figure out a way to honor our history, but still welcome and embrace change.

The board didn’t take any action on the issue. The board says they will ‘listen to the public’ as they work through mascot decision

The WFISD School Board also voted to increase substitute pay depending on how much of the day a substitute works.

It’s $10 more per day for subs who work 70% of instructional days, $7 more for those who work 60% to 69% and $5 extra for subs who work 50% to 59% of instructional days.