WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Mayoral election is fast approaching, how well do you know your Mayoral Candidates?

The personality profiles are intended to show you your prospective mayor as a person, not as a political figure. This article series in no way shows support for one candidate over another.

The Wisconsin native, Scott Poenitzsch, holds a range of degrees in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, and international studies. With his degrees, Poenitzsch found himself operating businesses with a wide range of production and revenue streams.

The biggest one he oversaw: a $2.5 Billion company.

Being from Wisconsin, Poenitzsch has a strong interest in cars and motorcycles. In his free time, he can be found listening to some Jimmy Buffet and tinkering with various antique automobiles. Specifically, he likes motorcycles and the feeling you get zooming around on country backroads, a place Wichita Falls is perfect for.

“So, literally, I just sit on it and let it kind of just pull the throttle, let the wind hit my face and just kind of look around, let all my concerns pass away,” said Poenitzsch. “It’s also a good spot to be thinking about what I want to do next and things like that. I do take a tape recorder with me, so if I have this moment of epiphany moment, I have a chance to record it without having to stop and write it down in that stuff. It’s a beautiful feeling.”

Working with large companies and holding a degree in international studies, Poenitzsch found himself traveling all over.

Poenitzch claims to have traveled between 15 and 20 countries. The one thing he loves about adventuring is establishing lifelong connections with people he meets.

“The people. Clearly the people,” said Poenitzsch. “I enjoy talking with, people like I mentioned, my experiences are really national and that’s been the best part of my life. I can pick up a phone and talk to somebody that I knew ten years ago in Munich, Germany, or somebody I knew five years ago in Hong Kong. I can do that here in Wichita Falls.”

Poenitzsch is known for Horseshoe Bend Cellars Vineyard and Winery and Delta T Thermal Solutions, but did you know he serves on multiple boards? He is on the Texoma Community Credit Union, Wichita Falls Farmers Market Association, and The Chamber of Commerce boards. However, there is one interesting board he served on: The Wichita Falls Ballet. Not something you would expect a mechanical engineer and businessman to be interested in.

“So being an engineer, you tend to see the world black and white. You know, it is this or this,” said Poenitzsch. “I wanted to get into a liberal arts type of a thing to kind of see how other people think on the more creative side and that stuff. It was a really interesting experience for me.”

Poenitzsch finds ways to challenge himself to become more knowledgeable, challenge the status quo, and create a better Wichita Falls.