WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— Beverly Taylor Ellis is a Wichita Falls native who graduated from Booker T Washington High School and dabbled in all sorts of ventures.

“So after I graduated from high school and went to work at the Dallas police department, left here in 70 and came back in 71,” Ellis said. “I had enough of Dallas in the big city so I went to work actually at KFDX TV three wonderful times I had here.”

Ellis ventures did not stop there she later became the first woman to enlist in the 131st Field Artillery Second Battalion in Wichita Falls. She spent ten years in the armed forces before leaving to return to the workforce. Despite bouncing around careers, Beverly Taylor Ellis always ensured to connect with the people she met. She states she has always been a people person and loves to talk to people and establish a connection with them.

“So I’m just really a people person and a lot of people come to me and ask me about different things and I feel really good when I’m able to help someone,” Ellis also said. One of her major passions in life is helping others. She likes to ensure she helps those when they need it “I still have people that come to me It’s kind of like I’m the 411 person,” Ellis said.

If Beverly doesn’t know, she will find an answer for you.

Ellis looks to her mother for her inspiration in life she said her mother always told them to be the best and continue to learn and develop. Her passion for helping others drove her to run for mayor. If elected, she hopes to resolve issues flooding the city.