WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Week Three of the series is a deep dive into the personality of your potential mayor, Carol Murray. Sunday, we learned more about her as a person, not a politician.

“That’s the other thing that my dad would always tell me is don’t ever think you’re better than anybody else,” said Carol Murray.

Murray is known for Frank and Joe’s, but her path to her business success was not an easy one.

The Massachusetts native found herself continuously wanting to learn. She recalled commuting over two hours by train to take courses at a nearby school.

“I didn’t just stop,” said Murray. “I took courses over the years and I mainly took ones that I wanted to learn from and that I enjoyed. I finally got to the point where I was going, you know, I really probably should get a degree. That’s when I really started buckling down.”

While maintaining a job, moving to Texas, and starting a family, Murray gained her associate’s degree. She continued on to her bachelor’s and is almost finished with her master’s.

While working towards her degrees, Murray worked for a market research company. She worked for major companies and helped them become stronger through a sense of purpose and one united front.

“It was mainly consumer research that I did,” said Murray. “We would write questionnaires, we would interview people, we would tabulate the data, analyze the data, write reports, and make recommendations to our clients.”

Murray was fundamental on her teams. Towards the end of her career, she worked with Frito-Lay and Walmart.

Her team pitched the logo the company currently holds.

Murray’s grit and determination are inspired by her father, a man who worked hard through his entire life.

“I would say that would have to be my dad again, he’s no longer with us,” said Murray. “But he was filled with discipline, very hard working, just great work ethic. He was always there for us, even though he worked all the time. He was not a perfect man, but he had this deep sense of caring.”

Murray continues to note her father taught her strong ideas with integrity, discipline, and hard work. If elected, Murray would use her grit and resilience to make Wichita Falls a place everyone falls in love with.