FRISCO, TEXAS (KFDX/KJTL) — Monday night quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered from a ruptured Achilles tendon only minutes after his debut as a New York Jet.

Tearing an Achilles tendon is one of the most devastating injuries a high-level athlete can suffer. That means Rodgers will be out for the season and there is no definite answer when he’ll come back next season. This leaves former Jets starter Zach Wilson to replace Rodgers in Sunday’s game against the Cowboys.

Analyst Mickey Spagnola has more on the situation and thoughts for Sunday Live from the Star.

“The Dallas Cowboys sure aren’t looking at the Jets loss of starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers for the season as a huge break as some might think But for Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, the injury to his long-time Green Bay Packers quarterback is quite personal,” Mickey Spagnola said.

Head coach Mike McCarthy told the media his thoughts on Rodgers injury and what this means for the Cowboys.

“Yeah, I definitely reached out to him I think you know I go back to last year you know it was great to see him personally have a chance to spend some time with him but you know I was really irritated how well he played you know it’s just you,” McCarthy said.

” So you know I have a tremendous amount of love for him and this is tough I mean it’s just you know I know he was very excited about this chapter of his life and I was looking forward to seeing him this weekend I think we’re all feeling for him personally right now,” McCarthy said.

“Whatever previous plans the Cowboys might have had to face the Jets before the Monday night game when Aaron Rodgers went down those are out the window and now they have to pivot and get ready for Zach Wilson,” Spagnola said.

” Former first-round pick who will be the Jets starter a completely different quarterback than Aaron Rodgers so defensively the Cowboys will have to change their game plan for the Silver Star Nation,” Spagnola said.