MINNESOTA (KING/NBC News) — Two recently filed bills hope to ban traditional pet stores from selling dogs and cats in the state of Minnesota.

Kristin Smith, the owner of Four Paws and a Tail, a pet store in Blaine, said she was devastated to hear when the bills were proposed in the legislature.

“It isn’t necessarily aimed at us,” she said. “We’ve been here a long time, we’re not the problem. But what we offer is different than what they [the rescues] offer. The heartfelt idea that only offering rescues is the best way to serve the public–it’s not always the case.”

“We’re the only pet store in the Twin Cities so we’re pretty much busy all the time,” she said. “Mostly we sell, smaller, non-shedding house dogs.”

State Senator Karla Bigham, the chief author of the Senate version of the bill said she wrote the bill not to punish breeders but to cut off demand from middlemen like Smith’s store.

“So that the puppy mills, the places that have deplorable conditions with 200, 300, 700 animals at the properties, we’re going after them,” Bigham said. 

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