Minnesota police break window to free toddler in hot car


AUSTIN, Minn (KMIT) As the weather gets warmer the Austin Police Department wants to warn caregivers to not leave their children or pets in the car. Over the weekend a child in Sioux City Iowa died after been left in a car. Saturday Austin Police had to rescue toddler that accidentally locked themselves in the car. After 20 minutes the child was freed after police broke the car window.

Amber Von Haden is a mother of two toddlers.

“I know when I’m getting out of the car they are coming out with me.”

While Von Haden has never left her kids behind Austin Police Chief David McKichan says it happens.
“As far as getting locked in a car that can happen very easily,” Mckichan said. “Our cars are filled with a lot of buttons a child might not be able to figure out what button to push.”

According to Heatkills.org at 90 degrees the inside of a car can reach 109 in just 10 minutes and at 30 minutes the temperatures can rise to 124 degrees.

McKichan says a car can heat up in just a matter of minutes.

“If it’s 80 90 degrees outside that car acts as a greenhouse,” McKichan said.

He added parents should keep a spare set of keys nearby and always remember to take the children out of the car first.

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