Mistrial declared in manslaughter case


Jurors deadlocked 10 to two

A mistrial was declared in the manslaughter trial of Donny Davis after jurors deliberated for nearly five hours Tuesday afternoon into the evening. The jury was hung 10 to two.

Davis was on trial for the shooting death of Greg Allen Gray in May 2016.

Gray’s former girlfriend Macey Choate, who was originally charged with the murder but had her charges dismissed, testified today.

Choate said she and Davis had smoked meth the night before Gray was murdered and she and Gray had been fighting. Davis said he heard the couple fighting and then awoke to Gray dead.

Choate also said she was outside and heard the gunshot. She added Gray and Davis were the only two in the house when the shooting occurred.

Davis’ attorney told jurors Davis had no motive and that Choate’s story changed three times.

The district attorney told jurors Davis was addicted to meth and before the shooting he was allegedly looking for a stash of the drug in the home.

In a telephone conversation with KFDX, Choate, now Macey Slayden, said she has been completely exonerated in the case.

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