UPDATE: A 52-year-old Montague County woman pleaded guilty this morning to the murder of her mother.

Jury selection was slated to begin this morning in Henrietta for Tina Sinclair for the murder of 68-year-old Bonnie Gresham.

Sinclair was sentenced to 30 years following her plea in the Clay County courthouse where the trial was moved from Montague County on a change of venue.

Investigators say Sinclair strangled her mother in Sinclair’s trailer on lone star road, then told authorities her mother was missing.

According to the arrest affidavit, Sinclair told authorities after arguing and pushing her mother to the floor of her trailer she suffocated her by stuffing paper in her mouth.

The affidavit states she put her mother’s body in a 3-foot deep hole, added concrete, filled the grave, then concealed it with limbs and boards.

Investigators exhumed the grave in june 2013 and had an autopsy performed which revealed her mother’s death as a homicide.

Another woman who lived in the trailer said she helped Sinclair burn bags of clothes behind the trailer.

After the murder, investigators say Sinclair admitted to using her mother’s debit card and also forging checks by signing her mothers name.

Jury selection is scheduled for a Montague County woman charged with killing her mother in 2012. 

Tina Sinclair is charged with first degree murder.

Montague County Sheriff’s Officials say in 2013 the now 52-year old Tina Sinclair admitted to arguing with her mother, suffocating her by stuffing paper in her mouth and then burying her in a grave covered with cement near their house.

Officials say her body was recovered but would not release where.

Sinclair’s trial began at 9 a.m.