A  Wichita Falls mother  has pleaded guilty  this morning to exploiting her 6 year old daughter. Andrea Battle was arrested along with her boyfriend Stephen Mack for using her daughter for door to door  soliciting  for fake school fundraisers.

Police say Battle and Mack went to a least 9 Wichita County homes last year with the girl, trying to sell items for a dance or soccer team. According to Battle’s arrest affidavit, the young girl initially didn’t want to talk to authorities, telling them she didn’t want to get her mama in trouble.

Battle pleaded guilty to nine counts of exploitation of a child she entered a confession and accepted a plea agreement of four years in prison with credit for about one year time served. Battle is also alleged to have consipired with Mack in some of his bank robberies, and records show she has one 24 month sentence for one of them.

Earlier this year Stephen Mack received a sentence of  7 years and three months for bank robbery and was ordered to pay restitution totaling $12-thousand 500 dollars to the four banks. He also was sentenced in connection  with the solicitation scheme.
His jail roster sheet lists 24 separate charges with bonds totaling near $1 million dollars.