WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— Midwestern State University is looking for fully certified teachers to give a free master’s degree.

The Gordon T. & Ellen West College of Education at Midwestern State University has a unique program.

The program, Project School Mental Health (PSMH), will fully fund certified teachers to get their counseling master’s degree with the help of a federal grant.
Grant Project Coordinator Carley Johnston is looking for two more students to add to the PSMH program. The program will pay three fully certified teachers from anywhere to become counselors in a three-year 

PSMH would like to have diversified students as part of the program with a 3.0 GPA.
The program is 60 to 63 hours, and teachers will spend the final year in Burkburnett Independent School District learning in different classrooms. Burkburnett was chosen because the district has high-need schools with low income and needs more counselors to help with the mental toll funding has on students. To be considered a high-need school at the elementary level, 60% of the students must be eligible for free or reduced lunch. For the secondary level, 45% of students must qualify for free or reduced lunch.
PSMH has granted MSU $136,863 in the first installment so far and will provide $1.3 million in federal grants to train school counselors, social workers, and other mental health professionals. In the graduate student’s final year of the program, they will be unable to work outside the program but will receive a salary. 

The final day to apply for the program is December 1, 2023. For information contact Carley Johnston at carley.johnston@msutexas.edu or click here.