MSU Students Conduct Presidential Election Survey


If it were up to MSU students to elect the next president of the United States, Donald Trump would win the White House.

Students at MSU recently conducted a survey asking their peers who they were voting for and their opinion on other hot button issues the nation faces.

The survey was done by students in the Mass Communications Department and it was open for about a month.

Around 360 students took the online survey to cast their opinion on topics surrounding the presidential election.

“We sent it out on Facebook and Twitter and we actually set up booths in the student center and we had computers and people who would walk by we would catch them and try and get them to take the survey, Kara McIntyre, who helped conduct the survey, said.

According to the survey, 34 percent of students who are registered to vote support Trump, 29 percent favor Clinton and 14 percent of the votes went to Gary Johnson.

“We are Texas, we are Wichita Falls which is very conservative, so I wasn’t super surprised but i was surprised they were all pretty close,” Sam Sutton, who also helped conduct the survey said.

“From the people that I have talked to around campus I just figured that it would be Clinton in front rather than Trump,” Bridget Riley, and MSU student, said.

Sixty-eight percent of students said they were dissatisfied with both candidates.

They were also asked a series of questions that included “What is the biggest problem facing the nation today?”

“In national polls I know the most pressing problem was national security and I think because where we are, because we are a college campus and the black lives matter movement is such a big thing going on in the world right now, it did surprise me that race was the biggest problem here on campus,” McIntyre said.

“It doesn’t surprise me, around campus I can tell like, it’s not super obvious but I can tell that it’s there,” Keelie Ralston, an MSU student, said.

The survey results also showed students perceive Trump as a decisive leader who can get things done, while they see Clinton as more politically experienced and caring.

Students representing both candidates and parties will soon be involved in a debate.

They will discuss the results of the survey and other political hot topics.

KFDX’s Deron Molen will be the moderator for the student debate.

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