A 20-year-old woman charged with a murder last summer was in court Friday morning as her case, and two other defendants’ cases move toward trials.

Whitney Mercedes O’Brien  is charged with murder in the shooting death of her former schoolmate, 21-year-old Domanic Thrasher.
Thrasher was gunned down at Yuma and Gunnison on June 2nd. 
She was the first of three suspects arrested, and according to the arrest affidavit, police got information she might be involved.

Police say she talked about being involved with several people.

Police later also charged Blayne Brooks and Justin Love in the shooting.
An arrest affidavit for Brooks states Thrasher was buying marijuana from Love and Brooks, but then tried to run off with the drugs without paying, and was shot.

According to that document, O’Brien named Brooks as the person who fired the shots, and Love as the driver.

Police say they interviewed O’Brien on July 29th and she told them she had gone with Love and Brooks to complete a drug transaction.