(AUSTIN)— They had to call a decontamination team because of a mattress cover.

Investigator Arezow Doost talked with them about the warning they have for anyone who sleeps on a memory foam mattress.

Look closely at this bed frame.

Michelle Cantrell “The shards are long. They are probably about a half an inch,” Michelle Cantrell said.

It’s not glitter that’s shining.

“It was literally like dust settles everywhere. It was exactly like that only it was glass shards,” Cantrell said.

Cantrell said her 17-year-old daughter’s bed was covered in fiberglass.

“You would never know it’s there until you feel it, until you start coughing.”

Cantrell said they unzipped the cover to wash it and noticed this tear.

She said they didn’t think anything of it.

But several days later she started feeling itchy after putting on a shirt that had been washed with the mattress cover.

“I turned mine inside out and showed a light on it just to see if i could see anything. I didn’t know what was going on with it at that point, and you could see all the shards of fiberglass just sticking up like knives,” Cantrell said.

DHP Furniture out of Canada sells the mattress. The family bought there’s on Amazon.

“In order to meet us federal mattress flammability standards, many memory foam mattresses are constructed with a fire retardant knit fabric barrier that includes glass fiber threads,” A spokesperson with the company said.

The spokesperson went on to say that it’s something that’s used across the mattress industry and the fire barrier is concealed under the quilting of the mattress cover.

“We don’t know how long she’s been sleeping in loose fiberglass which is very concerning,” Cantrell said.

Cantrell said they spent days vacuuming and wiping down everything.

This room, our washer and dryer, the stairs everything – the whole path to the laundry room was covered in fiberglass shards,” Cantrell said.

They finally had to call in a decontamination team which specializes in cleaning up crime scenes and drug labs.

“We ended up having to throw out all the pillows and blankets. Almost half of her clothes just because we couldn’t get the fiberglass out,” Cantrell said.

The team came back six times to remove all the fiberglass.

“There’s a little bit of dust right there still,” Cantrell said.

But still the family can spot a sparkle here and there.

“There was no warning label on the actual mattress. There was no warning label anywhere near the zipper or the cover or anything,” Cantrell said.

Michelle did find the owners manual for the mattress online and it says not to remove the cover and spot clean only.

Now the company spokesperson pointed out that the mattress is 7-years-old and that there are no safety concerns related to glass fiber threads.

But we wanted to know if it’s safe once exposed?

The consumer product safety commission said it’s not aware of any health risks from the type of fiberglass used in things like mattresses.

The Cantrell’s did check with their family doctor and were told as long as the coughing and itching stops they should be ok.