Bug’s eye view: massive yellow jacket nest removed

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A giant nest of yellow jackets has grown for more than two years outside a family’s Hillsborough County home…until professionals arrived on Thursday to remove it.

“What we have here is a southern yellow jacket, a tropical yellow jacket are a multi-queen insect that continue on year after year after year,” explained Jonathan Simkins of Insect I.Q.

Simkins is an entomologist with years of experience removing dangerous nests like this one.

“When you have all these queens laying eggs and all these workers coming out, you have more workers growing and building, it’s fantastic,” said Simkins.

Although Simkins is fascinated by his work, he knows the insects he works around can be very dangerous for the inexperienced.

“Yellow jackets are a different type of stinging insect. One, their stinger is not barbed, they can sting you multiple times. When you get these external nests, and you have several hundred on the outside, all of those can come after you and sting you,” said Simkins.

As his crew moved in to take out the nest, hundreds of yellow jackets swarmed around them.

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