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(KFDX/KJTL) — CBD products are popping up just about everywhere, but how about in your dog or cat’s food bowl?

Lauren Blanchard: Is this pot for pets?
Barbara Biddle: No. No, absolutely not.

Barbara Biddle’s business is booming. She sells cannabidiol or CBD products. And while there are now oils, gummies, bath salts and chocolates, some of these treats could have a ‘paw’-sitive effect for man’s best friend.

Biddle says: “it has helped with anxieties. Specifically with separation anxiety and car anxiety, fireworks, osteoarthritis, pain.”

These CBD pet products come as treats, pills, and oils.

Biddle says: “people are starting to realize you’re not getting high off these products so they’re more open to trying them.”

While the products seem to promise a lot, the big problem- CBD isn’t regulated, so it’s harder for the consumer to know exactly what they’re buying.

Erica Stark from the National Hemp Association hopes the FDA will step in. Stark says: “this industry wants to do the right thing and wants to provide a quality product and wants to protect consumers as well, but we need the FDA to set down these regulations.”

Also concerned, are veterinarians like Dr. Narda Robinson. She says there needs to be more research.

Robinson says: “I do support the use of cannabidiol in veterinarian medicine. What we need is to get the laws in place so that we as veterinarians can practice it without jeopardizing our license.”

Especially when it comes to the negative side effects.

Robinson says: “there can be signs of inappetence, just not wanting to eat, there can be nausea, there can be excessive sedation.”

Blanchard says: “for your little friends at home like mine here, veterinarians say CBD can be really helpful. But you have make sure the product has little to no THC, that’s what gets you high. And their rule on dosage, start low and go slow.”

Robinson says: “it’s just important to have this vigilance and not to just assume, oh it’s natural, it must be safe.”

And how do you choose a good product?

Stark says: “make sure that the brand that you’re purchasing offers full transparency as to where they’re sourcing their CBD.”

While there’s still a lack of science, Dr. Robinson is hopeful.

Robinson says: “from what we know so far is something like CBD is far safer than many of the pharmaceuticals currently prescribed in veterinary offices.” So it might be worth a try.

Robinson says: “first get a diagnosis by a veterinarian for what the animal is experiencing.”

And stay in touch with your trusted vet.

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