Children make windows safe for birds at their elementary school

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(KFDX/KJTL) — Students at one elementary school are trying to protect the bird population one window at a time.

The paint these students are applying to this window is a life-saving measure.

Student, Madelyn Amaya, says, “so we’re making the windows bird-safe so the birds won’t crash in.”

Which is exactly what happened last school year on a sunny spring day.

Principal Carla Furlow, says “The glass reflects the sky and a little bird thought it was the sky and it was actually the window and crashed into our window.”

The distraught students sprang into action in hopes of preventing another bird death. The solution?

According to Principal Furlow, decorating your window or putting tape on your window. Anything that can reflect so that the bird would see that it’s not the sky.

Amaya says, “We use this special tape (tighten) That makes the bird see it so they won’t (tighten) Hit the window.”

A practice that could help prevent some of the estimated one billion bird deaths from window strikes that happen every year.

Amaya says, “We don’t want them to get hurt.”

Principal Furlow says, “It has really worked out great and we haven’t had any more casualties we’re happy to report.”

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