Gardner and Redd talk “Saturday Night Live”

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“Saturday Night Live” is all new this week with Emma Stone making her fourth appearance as host.

She’ll be sharing the stage with relative newcomers, featured cast members Heidi Gardner and Chris Redd.

Gardner found out she was joining “SNL” in a phone call from show creator Lorne Michaels.

“I didn’t want to scream in his ear, so I tempered myself, and then, when the call was over, I just screamed and cried in my car,” she recalls.

Chris Redd got a similar call, but breached protocol right away by telling his brother.

“He had me on speaker phone with ten other people around him and he was like, ‘Oh yeah, everybody in this room knows.’ What? You’re not supposed to tell anybody!” Redd laughs.

Now two years in, Redd says playing Kanye West is among his highlights, an impression he only had a day to prepare.

“It was just me listening to Kanye over and over again. I knew I was listening to him too much because I was like, he’s making some points!” he says.

High points for Gardner include a recurring character, “Angel, the girlfriend in every boxing movie.”

“It came from me just watching a lot of those movies and being like, I’m pretty sure these women are all saying the same thing,” she says. 

Joining Emma Stone as this week’s musical guest is the South Korean boy band “BTS”.

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