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Dietitians have some advice to help you achieve that new year weight loss resolution.

Catherine Kruppa and Brittany Link, from Advice for Eating, say there are simple steps you can take that will steer you away from yo-yo diets, but at the same time, help you keep the pounds off.

Here are their six skinny secrets:

1) Chew your food.

Take a bite and put down your fork until you’re done chewing. You’ll take your time, enjoy it more and maybe lose weight.

2) Keep healthy snacks nearby.

Keep healthy snacks in your eyesight so you reach for them first.

“If you do have to have some of those unhealthy snacks in the house for other family members, making sure that they’re kind of out of sight, maybe higher so you have to step on a stool to get to them. A little harder to get to, and you’ll be a lot less likely to go for those first,” Link says.

3) Eat an abundance of whole foods.

“Whole foods are foods that come in their most natural state, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains vs. processed grains,” Kruppa explains. “Instead of having applesauce have an apple. You’ll feel a lot more full, your fiber will be a lot higher and the health benefits from eating all of those whole foods is dramatically better than what might be in a Cheeto.”

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