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CONNECTICUT (CNN) — A warrant says missing Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos’ body was in a truck used by her estranged husband at some point.

He was re-arrested Wednesday and charged with evidence tampering.

That’s according to the 38-page warrant that was released Wednesday by the Connecticut state police.

The document contains explosive new details on Dulos’ case.

The appearance of normalcy for Fotis Dulos, where he’s been spotted exercising and grocery shopping in his connecticut community.

But behind that normalcy, many questions.

Dulos has posted bail twice on charges related to the disappearance of his estranged wife Jennifer, who vanished on May 24th. Those charges, tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution.

Dulos’ girlfriend Michelle Troconis has already pleaded not guilty to charges in the case.

Thursday, state police adding more charges of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

She is free on bond.

Her lawyer did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comments.

CNN legal analyst, Joey Jackson, said, “there’s no question that she’s the lynchpin in terms of putting him away and getting the murder charge established.”

Dulos’ latest arrest warrant details surveillance video from the morning of Jennifer’s disappearance, which police say shows him driving his employee’s personal vehicle on a 60-mile drive to New Canaan, Connecticut where Jennifer lived with their five school-aged children.

Police believe Dulos was lying in wait near Jennifer’s home until she returned from dropping their children off at school.

The affidavit goes on to state, “The crime and clean-up are believed to have occurred between 8:05 a.m. and 10:25 a.m.” when Jennifer’s SUV is seen leaving her home.

“Dulos is believed to be operating the victim’s vehicle which is (carrying) the body of Jennifer Dulos.”

Detectives say forensic testing later showing jennifer’s blood was in that vehicle.

Jackson says, “I’ve seen people convicted with less, much less arrested with less, so the fact is I get police want to be meticulous, they want to dot I’s and cross t’s”

Dulos and his girlfriend were also allegedly spotted on surveillance video the night of Jennifer’s disappearance, putting bags in trash cans on a busy city street several towns away.

Police later found those bags contained clothing and a sponge with Jennifer’s blood.

The couple were involved in a contentious divorce battle after Jennifer filed back in 2017.

Her parents say, in court documents, that they funded fotis’ business as well as the couple’s homes and he still owes them money.

In the days after Jennifer’s disappearance, Dulos’ employee tells police, his boss was acting strangely. Going so far as to take the truck he borrowed to get professionally cleaned, and insisting the employee replace the front seats.

Authorities later finding evidence of Jennifer’s blood on the seats.

Fotis Dulos maintains his innocence, as he did after the previous charges, saying after his arrest wednesday: “It’s an exhausting fight. I love my children. That’s about it.”

Dulos is still claiming he’s innocent and denying any connection to her disappearance.

The children remain in the care of Jennifer’s mother.

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