COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The Columbus Recreation and Parks Department is investigating the assault of an umpire at a softball game Tuesday night that was captured on video.

It was before an adult softball game that a verbal altercation began to brew. The video shows a participant with a yellow jersey exchanging words with the umpire. Things turned physical when the umpire said the player was being thrown out of the game.

The department has heard about arguments over bad calls, said Dominque Shank, community relations chief for Columbus Recreation and Parks, but it had never escalated to what played out this time around.

Shank said the department is not naming the player or the umpire at this time, but that the investigation could result in the player being banned permanently from any activities.

“There is camera footage, so it’s pretty clear as to what happened,” she said, “and no matter what the disagreement was, we do not expect our staff official and players to resort to this type of violence.”

A spokesperson for Columbus police said no incident reports have been filed over the altercation. The recreation department said the umpire is doing OK and is unsure if he will be pressing charges.